Thursday, 6 October 2016

Crochet Pokeball Tutorial

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Crochet Twine Container Free Pattern

I've seen countless pretty images on pintrest with people crocheting with twine. I have had no luck in finding twine that will look as good as those images. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to work with. I found a good substitute that looks extremely like twine. It is called 100% Onice Viscose yarn. Its really cheap and soft to work with.

Materials needed:

- Twine/ Viscose yarn
- 3mm crochet hook


- Ch = Chain
- Sc = Single Crochet
- Ss = Slip stitch
- BLO = Back loops only

Row 1:    Ch 11. 1sc from 2nd ch from hook. 1sc till the end of the row [10 stitches]
Row 2-8: Ch 1 and turn. 1sc from 2nd ch from hook. 1sc till the end of the row [10stitches]
Row 9:    [BLO] Ch 1 and turn. 1sc from 2nd chain from hook. 9sc. [Ch 1 at the corner and make 10sc]* Repeat till the end of the row. Ss to the first stitch [40 stitches]
Row 10-16: 10sc at each edge of the box. Ch 1 at the edges. You do not sc into the previous row's ch1 space.
Row 17: F/o

Crochet Pincushion Free Pattern

I came across many cool pincushions with pretty motifs and was inspired to make a simple one for my craft loving friends. Do not use cotton wool to stuff the pin cushion as it will be compressed & flat after a while. 

 For this project, you will need: 
1) Cloth with your choice of color
2) 2ply yarn
3) 1.5mm crochet hook.
4) Fibre fill 
5) Needle and thread

Step 1: The Cushion

1) Cut two 10 x 10cm cloth. 
2)  Draw a 9 x 9 cm square into the cloth. 
3)  Start from the middle. Sew along the drawn lines. Leave a gap.
4)  Turn the project inside out. Stuff and close the hole

Step 2: The Blanket Stitch

After stuffing, the cushion will be approximately 7cm long and wide. Your stitches will be approximately 0.5~0.6cm apart.

1) Thread 100cm yarn through the cushion. Do not cut away the other end.
2) Thread the yarn 0.5cm ~ 0.6cm away from the first stitch; but not all the way through.
3) Place needle in between the cushion and stitch (refer to image above). Then pull it tight.
4) Repeat throughout the cushion.
5) Leave it for now. Again, do not cut away the tail. It will be used for step 4.

Step 3: The Flower Motif

Row 1: Make a magic circle. Ch 3 and Dc. [ch 1, DC] repeat this for 10 more times.  Ss into the start of the row [Total 12 DC including the 1st Ch 3]
Row 2: Ch 6, 1sc into the ch 1 space. [Ch 5, 1sc into the ch 1 space]* Repeat for the whole row. SS into the start of the row. 
Row 3: Into the chain spaces, [1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc]* Repeat for the whole row. 
Row 4: Ss into the nearest dc from the previous row. Ch 7, 1sc into the next dc stitch from the previous row. [Ch 6, 1sc into the next dc stitch from the previous row.]* Repeat for the whole row. SS into the start of the row. 
Row 5: [1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1tr, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc]* into the chain space. Repeat for the whole row. 
Row 6: F/o 

Step 4: Combine and Presto

1) Using the other end of the yarn from the cushion, ch 1. 2sc into the and 2nd stitch. 
2) Refer to image above. Do 2sc through the tip of the motif's edge into the 3rd stitch space.
3) Make 2sc into the other stitches.
4) Ch 2 at the edges and make 2sc on the next stitch. 
5) Repeat steps 2-4
6) F/o 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sims 4 build mode is amazingggggggggggggg

This post has nothing to do with amigurumi but I find it really interesting to post about this. I just got my copy of sims 4 and started playing with the build mode and was really impressed! Plants look much better in this installment.

But my favourite feature is that most items (including toilet bowls XD) can be enlarged to a ridiculous proportion! That means......satisfying my desire of creating a mystical-zoo-random garden! I can could even enlarge tiny childrens' toys to make that horse carriage!

I had many childish laughing moments within the game like enlarging moulding clay so huge that it replaces my sim's head when she plays with it; and of course, enlarging toilet bowls XD. 


Also squealed quite a bit with those super adorable cutie cute cute cute llamas.

If you ever get the sims 4, Make sure you try enlarging ridiculous items too for a good laugh XD. To do so, press (cltr + ] or [ ). And sadly, we cant toggle the size after the item has been bought.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mandora Pattern!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates for this pattern will be up in my etsy shop very soon.

Etsy Store (Click)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Amigurumi Pusheen!!!

Pusheen!!!!!! I was introduced to the world of pusheen when I found the cute plushie on his bed. Was so tempted to steal it but I'm sure he will be able to track me down. I just have to have something Pusheen and I couldn't get one from the store. That is why amigurumi is so awesome!!!!!!